"Feeding People Is My Love Language"

The Guilty Plate Co. LLC x Chef Shaiheem is an Atlanta based catering company that began in 2016 at a point in my life where I was severely overweight and unhappy. When I began meal prepping to lose weight , my closest friend and fraternity brother, suggested that I should go into business for myself. I began simply by offering to prepare meal prep meals for people in the office where I worked at State Farm and things really just took off from there! I truly believe that I have something special in store for anyone who tries my food. I believe I was placed on this Earth to “Spread Light Through Food” and I just want everyone to experience the love I have for my craft because Feeding People is My Love Language.

-Chef Shaiheem


It should be illegal how good this food is !

Jean A.

You HAVE to leave the bottle of that sauce you made here !!

Erica Mena

He's Done It Again !

Ariel M.

So it's official, you're catering my wedding.

Samantha M.

I will [redacted] fight you ! This is too bomb ! 

Tiyah of Tiyah's Kitchen


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